Today’s knowledge-based enterprises realize the need to efficiently collect and deliver information to their constituents. The majority of technology environments are characterized disparate business applications. Our results-driven approach exposes the value in your data and also assists you to gain the expected returns from your data-systems investment.

NumbersOnly helps companies evaluate, formulate and execute their compliance strategy to increase predictability, manage the impact of risk and capture business opportunities through:

Data Lifecycle

Our data services utilize the best practices and deliver solutions in all stages of data management lifecycle:

  • Architect & Design: Define the entities, relationships, and schemas that facilitate access, optimization, and maintenance.
  • Aggregate & Integrate: Bring appropriate data together from disparate sources and help support decision-making.
  • Access & Analyze: Manage and deliver data from operational systems and warehouses via portals or BI systems.
  • Archive: Archive inactive data and retain it for regulatory and legal purposes.

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