Development Platforms

NumbersOnly’s application development services revolve around service-oriented architecture, including J2EE and .NET, as well as client server or mainframe development, to create solutions that address your business needs and technical requirements.

.Net/MicroSoft Services

The complexity of architecting and developing .NET solutions have increased due to rapid evolution of the Microsoft platform, and time-to-market pressures.

NumbersOnly uses its application development platform which consists of a repository of industry best practices, productivity improvement tools and proven frameworks that allow you to architect flexible and integrated enterprise-quality applications. Our .NET Application Development platform helps you implement agile enterprise applications through various architecture patterns and designs. Built on base .NET platform/ Microsoft Application blocks, the reuse stack our implementation approach can reduce your application development time considerably. Our service includes the following:

Frameworks - includes infrastructure and service components that address the Quality of Service requirements of:

  • Scalability through n-tiered architecture and clustering components
  • Availability through design to avoid single point of failure and clusterable components
  • Extensibility through modular, service-oriented and interface driven design

Rigorously tested productivity improvement tools that:

  • Improve quality of code and documentation
  • Ease build and release management
  • Improve developer productivity
  • Best Practices repository that ensures that you get it right the first time, every time.
  • .NET solution templates which help jump-start application development with the help of pre-built components on similar lines as the reference implementation.

J2EE Services

J2EE is becoming the de-facto standard for building enterprise applications. The evolution of the J2EE platform through a community process makes it feature-rich, but at the same time increasingly complex.

Our Rapid Application Development platform for J2EE Application Framework helps implement agile enterprise applications through service-oriented architecture concepts and design. It consists of sub-frameworks, utility services and functional services with a set of common infrastructure services that are built on top of the base J2EE Platform.


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Our Platform Delivers Benefits

Our platform delivers the following benefits:

  • Delivers architecture which incorporates flexibility and supports agile enterprises
  • Helps you manage technology complexity by implementing service-oriented abstraction to hide underlying technology nuances
  • Leverages Infosys' expertise gained through internal research and application development experience. It also leverages the Open Source community.
  • Has a framework built to achieve Quality of Service requirements