Data Warehousing

Whether it is building an entire data warehouse from start to finish or working on components of a data warehouse project, NumbersOnly can provide the necessary knowledge and resources to make your warehouse a success.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Planning and Execution

Data warehouse projects are like few others. It is therefore critical that proper planning and project management techniques be employed when a data warehouse project is launched. We can help you with all phases starting from requirements gathering and facilitation management to the “build” of the warehouse, through to the creation of the reports that produce the valuable analytics your business will use to make strategic decisions.

Data Architecture

The data architecture defines the data, source systems and framework for transforming data into useful information. Therefore, the way a data warehouse is architected can make the difference between success and failure. Our veteran data architects are instrumental in ensuring that your data warehouse is built on a good foundation that will serve you now and in the future. As well, if your current data warehouse has outgrown its original architecture, we can provide a solution to solve this common challenge.

Data Analysis

How the data flows through the warehouse and interacts with other data is crucial. How clean or error free the data is also contributes greatly to the accuracy of the analytics it will produce. Our data modeling experts tie the data in and organize it to effectively represent the business process flow. Our profiling and data quality services and consultants specialize in one thing – ensuring that the data in the warehouse is accurate, consistent and complete and is standardized and verifiable to produce reports that you can count on with complete confidence.

ETL Development and Architecture

The ETL – extraction, transformation and loading – of data are key elements of a successful data warehouse. Not only at the beginning, but ongoing throughout the life of the warehouse. NumbersOnly provides seasoned ETL architects, team leaders and administrators, as well as hands-on developers that continually add value to the warehouse through their years of expertise with the ETL tools available on the market today from vendors such as Informatica and Ascential.

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Data Solutions

Data Warehouse Solutions and Services we offer include:

  • Data Warehouse Planning and Execution
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Analysis – including data modeling, data profiling, data quality and information quality
  • ETL Development and Architecture