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NumbersOnly's leadership team has spent years building companies, managing operations and providing the guidance for client-driven businesses. NumbersOnly's management drives the company's focus on creating extraordinary results for our clients.

Raju VK President

Mr. Raju VK founded Numbers Only, Inc. in 1996 with Mr. Hari Polavarapu. He has several years of IT experience which includes architecting complex enterprise systems using advanced Internet/Wireless technologies.

Mr. Raju VK has been instrumental in setting up overall strategy and the technology infrastructure for the company. He has focused the company in the products and advanced technology arena. He also served as the President/CEO of AtPar, Inc., a spin-off of a NumbersOnly research and development effort.

Prior, Mr. Raju VK held technical positions with several global IT services companies including Tata Consulting Services, Foundation Software, and Analysts International. He has consulted to several Fortune 500 companies including M&M Mars, NY Times, Shoprite, and Allied Holdings. He has extensive experience in Healthcare Informatics and has consulted with several leading healthcare organizations including Baptists Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fletcher Allen, and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Mr. Raju VK graduated from Osmania University with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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