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Businesses today, as always, seek to maximize their returns even while keeping their investments at an optimal level. This calls for, among other things, a need to ensure that goods reach the stores and dealerships exactly when the customers need it. Not before for it is dead investment till it is sold nor after for the need itself may vanish. As manufacturers today are stretching the JIT concepts from manufacturing to transportation of goods, transportation providers cease to be mere providers of transportation services. Today as a strategic partner in the supply chain the transportation industry plays a crucial role in the fulfillment of a business transaction involving movement of goods. As a strategic partner, the logistics provider needs to acquire, analyze and share information on the status of consignments in real-time. The strides made in the Information Technology industry now facilitate meeting the data needs of all the players in the supply chain.

Numbers Only leverages its experience in understanding and automating business processes and its expertise in bleeding -edge technologies to enable our clients in the transportation industry leverage IT for tactical and strategic value.

Numbers Only has defined a framework that provides the building blocks for scalable and flexible solutions to further our client's role as a Fulfillment Partner.


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