NforcePro Benefits

  • Complete integrated platform for GRC, SOX , audit and risk management solutions.
  • Open architecture can be integrated with any backend database/ERP
  • Single solution to Plan, Execute, Remediate and Improve business processes
  • Framework helps in multiple compliance initiatives, internal audit, continuous control monitoring and multi location compliance management

Nforcepro, Inc.s focus is to provide enterprise level applications to enable corporate perform risk management, sustain robust internal control environments, and enforce effective process controls.

Globally businesses are under pressure to meet the demand of cost reduction in compliance costs and improve confidence in their internal control environment with continuous control monitoring and reporting. Corporations today not only have to comply with several mandatory government legislations and controls (like SOX, FDA, BASEL, HIPAA, T16949, JSOX, SEBI49) but also need to promote internal controls for better corporate governance.

Risk management has become a standard practice in corporate governance.

Enterprise applications like Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft , and Lawson have several installations globally. In addition, there are numerous legacy systems in use today. Compliance encompasses all the systems irrespective of the nature of industry.

NforcePro, Inc. is currently positioned for continued success in developing integrated approach to compliance & risk management solutions, and achieve exponential growth and profitability. We have evolved into this space very early when the whole GRC market is at an infancy stage. We are focused on multiple compliance regulations (like SOX, FDA, BASEL), Risk management, Control monitoring, and Audit management.

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