Today's sales person is selling an increasing number of SKU's to increasingly demanding customers. Turning every customer action into business requires the sales person to be equipped with the right information. NumbersOnly Pvt Ltd., the company that pioneered the development of the new generation mobile application for enterprises, now offers SmartForce.

SmartForce is our Sales Force and Retail Automation product that mobile enables sales and retail activities. This product is built for retail and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) product companies.

Through our knowledge and experience in deriving significant value from enterprise supply chain management systems and ERPís, we have brought to market the @Par suite of products which specifically address the operational issues in supply chain management in hospitals. By combining significant domain knowledge, industry-standard technology and insight into the latest mobile technologies, we effectively deliver applications that integrate seamlessly with many of the industryís materials management and supply chain management applications.

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SmartForce Benefits

  • A unified and integrated tool to automate, simplify and manage all supply chain, sales force/field force operations.
  • Increase productivity and workflow efficiency by streamlining the user activities.
  • Improves inventory visibility through real-time data availability.
  • Improve accuracy by reducing human errors.
  • Reduce inventory costs by reducing on-hand inventory levels.
  • Better workforce management and forecasting through user productivity and decision support reports.
  • Easily accommodates future business changes through configurable parameters.
  • No customization to the enterprise system.
  • Requires minimal user training leading to reduced dependency on highly skilled resources